• Uncovering Hidden Growth Opportunities

    We develop comprehensive, quantitative patient flow models which reveal opportunities... Read More

  • Identifying The Most Leveraged Investments

    From one therapeutic area to another, one country to the next, our clients need to know... Read More.

  • Fostering Teamwork and Organizational Alignment

    Cogent’s collaborative approach achieves greater transparency, consensus, and clear... Read More.

Cogent Consulting is an unconventional healthcare strategy consulting company helping clients identify and capture hidden growth potential efficiently. We create re-usable models and analyses that teach your organization to make better, more fact-based business decisions.

Does Your Organization Speak the Same Language?

We don’t mean French or Mandarin – we mean the same business language. Read more about how ambiguous terminology can lead to missed business opportunities.

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Cogent Patient Models Now Accessible Online

Cogent is announcing a big step forward in making its Patient Models accessible to more users in order to drive better collaboration and team learning.

Cogent has created a secure web-enabled infrastructure that allows users to access the models online – from anywhere – using their personal username and password. Click below to learn more about "Test-driving" a sample Cogent model.

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How balanced is your Emerging Markets business portfolio?

Applying portfolio management principles to make better investment decisions globally.

Emerging markets have become the darling of C-suites in nearly every pharmaceutical...

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